May 21, 2024

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Mixing Down House Music Tracks: Shiba San’s Favorite Tools For His Studio


Nobody will ever dance to your latest house music production unless the drums are beefy, the low end is punchy, and those open hi-hats are bright and lively. 

Long story short, house music’s danceability thrives on having a well-polished mixdown. And while it used to take seasoned engineers decades of practice to get this high-level professional result, nowadays you can get amazing results using just a few powerful plugins. 

Nobody has been at this longer and knows this better than Paris’s Shiba San, which is why we sat down to chat about his favorite plugins he uses to get perfect mixdowns in every one of his house music tracks.

Stream Shiba San’s “Bam Da Bam” Below

The only way to know what an amazing house music mixdown is to hear a master at work. Shiba San’s latest single is a masterclass in how much a tight and powerful mixdown can add to your track.

The minimal arrangement of the release allows Shiba San to really get the maximum amount of volume and energy out of the few elements and layers included in the track. The vocal chops, lead synth line, and drums are able to work their magic in plain sight, without convoluted layers and backing atmospheres clouding the mix.