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Kaaval movie review: Even Suresh Gopi’s ‘mass’ simply cannot preserve this out-of-date storyline

Malayalam movie field is little by little having back on its toes immediately after being derailed by the coronavirus pandemic. With motion pictures like ‘Kurup’, ‘Jaan E Man’ and ‘Ellam Sheriyavum’ drawing audience back again into theatres, and with movies like ‘Churuli’ released on SonyLIV becoming broadly discussed for its unconventional filmmaking and storyline, Malayalam cinema is unquestionably diversifying with emphasis on experimentation and new narratives.

Nonetheless, movies with superstars and mass components proceed to crank out hype, specifically in their lover circles. Since filmmaker Nithin Renji Panicker declared ‘Kaaval’ with actor-politician Suresh Gopi in the direct role, the actor’s followers had been all established to rejoice one more mass motion picture on display screen. Recognized after as the indignant youthful male of Malayalam cinema, Suresh Gopi cemented his position in the marketplace by his motion hero roles, primarily the feisty cop roles. The return of Suresh Gopi in one more highly effective, action-oriented position after quite a few many years was the highlight of ‘Kaaval’. But, did ‘Kaaval’ meet all the hoopla and expectations? We will surely know in a few times.

Kaaval is established in the backdrop of Idukki, a substantial assortment district in Kerala. The movie tells the story of two good friends, Antony (Renji Panicker) and Thampan (Suresh Gopi) who ended up at the time the saviour of peasants and downtrodden people today. Antony and Thampan acted like a parallel justice procedure in the area as they pay attention and solve the grievances lifted by hapless farmers tortured and exploited by landlords, law enforcement and even maoists.

The movie begins with the current condition of Antony and his family consisting of a son and a daughter who are frequently humiliated by a dollars financial institution and his goons. Antony, who misplaced one of his legs, is now just a shadow of his past and doesn’t have any toughness remaining to preserve his kids from the money loan company and his goons. Without having any one for support, Antony decides to request help from his long-estranged pal Thampan. But, Antony receives killed in a highway incident on the way to meet Thampan. His son rather meets Thampan and requests him to help. Thampan to begin with hesitates to go back to the position he the moment still left, but inevitably does so in get to protect his friend’s small children.

The motion picture then goes into the normal track of following Thampan who manages the cash loan company, undesirable cops and the goons. Kaaval’s storyline is predictable to the main that even the evident climax twist does not occur as a shock. The movie also overtly relies upon on the history rating to accentuate the cinematic aspects.

If Nithin Renji Panicker’s initial film ‘Kasaba’ starring Mammootty acquired all the unwelcome awareness for reviving a hazardous craze of glorifying derogatory reviews against girls, his next film ‘Kaaval’ has at least shied absent from this kind of a pattern, although these kinds of filthy dialogues, this time, have been uttered by villains and not by the hero himself. If this adjust can be seen as a development, all the other aspects in this Suresh Gopi starrer reminds one particular of an outdated model of scripting and way from which Malayalam cinema has moved forward.

Nithin, son of director and actor Renji Panicker, nonetheless appears to be stuck in the bygone era of Malayalam motion pictures of the 2000’s – a interval when the machismo and mass dialogues of the hero had been the only resources of enjoyment. Malayalam cinema has definitely occur a extensive way from these types of hero centric mass masala motion pictures and has dared to sail in new waters, with prominence presented to scripts with human components and relatable people.

On the other hand, one just can’t problem the correct of a filmmaker’s possibilities or their intentions behind generating a film. So even if you come to a decision to view Kaaval hoping to appreciate a mass entertainer, chances are that you could get let down even then. Basically due to the fact the script lacks conviction and the people are 50 percent baked. The film is devoid of unforgettable cinematic moments and follows an outdated design of narration. Last but not the minimum, there is an absence of a strong villain. If a thing can help you save this film, it is the impactful monitor existence of Suresh Gopi.


Suresh Gopi’s transformation as a caring father afterwards in the film presents the audience some heartwarming moments. Renji Panicker, who is usually quite convincing with the figures he plays, seemed a bit animated when he performed the more mature Antony. Late actor Rajan P Dev’s son Kannan Rajan did justice to the role of a heartless revenue financial institution.