June 14, 2024

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1Uesday: the beauty of Intellijel’s Sounds Resources 1U

In this episode of 1Uesday, let us communicate about the 1U module I’d conveniently inform folks to obtain initially. It is a completely classy mixture of clock, random pulse, analog sounds, sample and hold, and slew – and here’s why that is so crucial.

There is a whole lot in modular components that can be attained with other components and application. So it can make sense to have some modules that definitely make use of patching management voltage as an interface – and couple of pack extra operation in that regard than Sounds Resources.

At 1st blush, this just seems to be like a module with some sound sources in it, but it’s definitely a combination of quite a few modules in a one layout:

  • Analog pink and white sounds supply
  • Pulse output, switchable so it can be both a regular clock source or a random gate generator
  • Analog sample and hold circuit, switchable to track and hold (much more on that in a moment)
  • Analog slew with adjustable slew amount

This is also an admirably legible entrance panel layout – which is not completely commonplace in Eurorack (cough). So as you can see on the panel, the blocks feed from still left to suitable. That signifies you can in fact uncover a variety of functions devoid of patching – but you can also break individuals normals for extra capabilities.

Here’s how you can then use this in a modular rig – even a smaller one particular.

Clock and rhythm resource. Sound Applications will be a clock if you want – ranging from 15 sec pulses up by way of typical metronome ranges into 2.5 kHz max. If you want something additional organic, you can set this to RANDOM method. It is not going to change a separate clock supply if you will need a defined BPM (for that, I have a 1U edition of Mutable Instruments Yarns, Following Later’s Threads). But for improvisation, it’s best – even for finding absent from those BPMs. And you can also operate a clock into it, via the TRIG input. (That could not be right away clear, considering the fact that the arrow is into TRIG, but which is the normaled operation including your enter establishes your individual set off.)

Sounds source. These are also seriously excellent-sounding pink and white sound sources, so suitable for percussion – specially with an LPG, for occasion. And you can get other noisy appears out of the other outputs, way too.

Sample and keep / monitor and keep. Applying possibly a noise source or any exterior supply, you can also sample signal. Sample and keep captures and retains regular sign at each individual pulse – which is a basic, stepped sign. Keep track of and maintain tracks the falling edge of … jeez, this just desires a photograph, but in words, it provides you a far more irregular signal. Sample and keep generates a good stream of constant of values monitor and hold provides you an exciting, additional sophisticated signal that seems wonderful as a modulation supply.

Slew. Slew lets you round out an input signal – it’s a small akin to easing for you visual individuals.

The combination of S&H (with observe manner) and that pleasant major slew knob signifies you can output a array of handy pitch or modulation alerts from Noise Instruments, and create new shaped indicators from exterior inputs.

There are a pair of other fantastic layout functions in this article. The devoted clock, enter, and slew LEDs imply you can often evidently see what is heading on. Intellijel’s stuff also just feels good and in my knowledge is all extremely properly engineered. Erm, I’m building a position of that mainly because much as I like the lawless range of Eurorack, this type of engineering and structure is normally not the rule. (I’m, uh, getting diplomatic.)

If nearly anything, the Sounds Resources reminds me of a large amount of what I like about the vintage Buchla Supply of Uncertainty. The formula is below – noise resource, samples and quantization, output. But it’s not that, particularly. Intellijel’s design and style is less complicated, which also would make it suit the more compact form aspect, but also encourages you to get artistic with how you dial the alerts or fluctuate the output with diverse inputs or breaking normals. (I’m fired up we have both equally – now Tiptop tends to make an cost-effective 266t.)

This very little 1U gem, though, is just US$99 new, and can take exceptionally little room. The simplicity hides the likely right here. I assume you are going to continually come across by yourself dreaming up new works by using for it.

Here is in action:

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=B1jtyyg28Z8

I’d adore much more use of 1U like this, and far more modular style like this in general. And yeah, mine is not likely anyplace.

22 HP x 1U, though that for me neatly fits on the left-hand side of my Palette. I was honestly anxious about investing also substantially in modular, but I’m definitely happy I purchased this 1. (Seriously.)

Noise Equipment 1U: Clock, Random Pulse, Analog Sound, Sample and Hold, and Slew

And at the second they are a tiny tough to get, but go get just one though you can. At Thomann, at the very least, they’re in stock:

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Intellijel Designs Sounds Random Tools 1U [Thomann.de]

Sweetwater is backordered as I write this (as is the producer):

Intellijel NoiseTools 1U [Sweetwater]

Beforehand on 1Uesday: